Supported by a new generation of digital intelligence technology, Chambroad creates an independent and controllable industrial software matrix featuring dynamic process simulation, production planning and scheduling, energy optimization, and smart park management. It has been applied in product research and development, manufacturing, and operation, providing system solutions for the digital transformation and upgrading of many process companies.

Wastewater Treatment

Chambroad attaches importance to R&D investment, configuration, and planning, and its wastewater treatment technology has innovated and transformed the whole process of lab testing, pilot trial, design and development, and industrialized production. At present, Chambroad owns more than 40 patents on wastewater treatment and more than 10 software publications and has formulated 3 industry standards. It has transformed the results of FDR-Fenton fluidized bed technology, 3D electrocatalytic technology, microbial bacterial agent technology and deep nitrogen removal biotechnology.

Gas Cycle

Chambroad carries out research and development on sulfurization chemical industry, and constructs CCUS project for the comprehensive utilization of carbon dioxide.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Chambroad provides a full range of environmental protection technology services, with business covering hazardous waste disposal, commissioned operation of hazardous waste disposal, comprehensive utilization of waste packaging containers, resource utilization of waste gas, pyrolysis of organic hazardous waste, etc., and provides services of process design, technical consulting and commissioned operation.

Comprehensive Utilization of Solid Waste

Relying on technological innovation, Chambroad makes full use of the cinders in industrial production to produce green new building materials with lightweight, heat insulation, fireproofing, anti-seismic, and other superior environmental protection properties, realizing 100% resource utilization of major solid wastes.

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