Chambroad always upholds the principles of "protection first, prevention orientation, comprehensive management, public engagement and accountability for damage" and believes that environmental protection is paramount. It explores green development based on protecting the environment and improving the ecology, thus optimizing environmental management system, and reducing the impact of its production and operation activities on the environment. It also conduct in-depth pollution alleviation, propels clean production, comprehensively improving pollution prevention and control. With coordinated environmental protection and production, it fulfills its social responsibility through comprehensive green transformation and high-quality development.

Committed to becoming an environmental protection pioneer in China, Chambroad has developed a robust ecological responsibility system. Chambroad has always been supportive of a green and low-carbon life and complied with its social responsibility. On World Environment Day, it launched "environmental protection knowledge quiz", "environmental protection open class", "cycling for a low-carbon life", "golden idea" and other activities to motivate environmental protection action and raise awareness.

Chambroad delves into the recycling of "three wastes". The waste gas development and recycling industry chain can recover all sulfur-containing waste gas in the company. The comprehensive industry chain of solid waste utilization realizes the effective utilization of all solid wastes, and the wastewater treatment and recycling industry chain also yields excellent results.