Chambroad values talent with integrity, education, ability, and performance. 

The company emphasizes insightful selection, skillful nurturing, courageous employment,

empathetic management, and charismatic retention in talent management.

  • Integrity

  • Education

  • Ability

  • Performance

Talent View

  • Insightful Selection

  • Skillful Nurturing

  • Courageous Employment

  • Empathetic Management

  • Charismatic Retention

  • Su Shigang

    Intermediate Technical R&D Engineer

    Su Shigang is a senior environmental engineer. He obtained his doctorate from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2019. He is currently affiliated with the Institute of Refined Materials and Biological Research at the Chambroad Research Academy. Since joining Chambroad in January 2021, his primary focus has been water treatment and resource utilization.
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    Wang Bing

    Head of the Workshop

    Joining Chambroad in 2004 as an eager intern, Wang Bing has matured over nearly two decades into a figure of stability and depth. Reflecting on his journey, Wang Bing notes, "When I joined, the company operated only two refining units. Since then, Chambroad has sped down the path of diversified development. Witnessing the Group's rapid, multifaceted, and robust growth by launching new petrochemical projects and building the industrial park, I've seen my own transformation from green youth to seasoned &
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    Dong Bo

    Technology Research Specialist

    Dong Bo graduated from Jilin University in 2017, completed his 2-year postdoctoral work at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and in March 2020, officially joined Chambroad Research Institute. With Chambroad Holding Group's strategies of material transformation and talent cultivation, he was transferred to Shandong Chambroad Polyolefin New Material Company in July 2021 and has been engaged in polyolefin product research and development since then.
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    • Benefits

      Service apartment

      60% reduction in tuition fees

      Health care for employees' parents

    • Salary

      Basic salary + performance salary + improvement salary + cultural wage + subsidies + welfare + humanistic care + social insurance and house fund

      Filial piety wage+ filial piety bonus + loyalty and filial piety bonus

    • Career

      All job groups and positions have two-way career development channels.

      Each level has a systematic and complete training system.

    • Health

      Swimming pools, table tennis rooms, outdoor basketball courts, badminton courts, gyms, and soccer field

      11 fitness groups

      More than 50 group sports instructors

      "1+N" linkage model

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