Over the past 30 years, drawing on the Chinese culture passed down through the generations, Chambroad has innovatively established a corporate culture with "benevolence and filial piety" as its core. Consolidating cultural foundation and observing the principle of "fairness, justice and righteousness", Chambroad guides employees to build a more fulfilling career and contribute to the development of society with the core values of "honesty, dedication, progress and altruism".

Chambroad fosters a talent-centered and innovation-focused corporate culture, while building a vibrant team of high morale, thus creating a harmonious and thriving organizational environment.

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Chambroad expands the N1N training and scientific research transformation base in scientific research and co-creation domains. Partnering with prestigious Chinese universities, it establishes a robust industry-university-research collaboration platform to achieve higher-level and innovative cooperation to connect the last mile to practice from theory, thus incubating talents in practice.

Chambroad pioneers methods to identify and nurture talent, pushes boundaries in scientific research and is dedicated to various other endeavors. In 2017, Chambroad launched the "1520 Project" for university-enterprise cooperation, building an ecosystem for the deep integration of industry-university-research around 15 core colleges and 20 key colleges and universities, and expanding to other key colleges and universities at home and abroad, as well as other key specialties. In 2019, Chambroad started to deepen the industry-education integration and university-enterprise cooperation and proposed to build the "Chambroad N1N Training and Research Transformation Base", thus becoming a national enterprise of industry-education integration.

In addition, the Chambroad Science and Technology Award was established to commend and celebrate the distinguished contributions of scientific and technological professionals in the domains of chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials. This award serves to galvanize the innovative spirits of these professionals, fostering advancements in science and technology, propelling the growth of related industries, and bolstering China's prowess in technological innovation. Sponsored by Charity and Filial Piety Commercial Foundation of Le An Shandong and jointly organized with the Chinese Chemical Society, this award comprises four categories: Chambroad Science and Technology Excellence Award, Chambroad Science and Technology Innovation Award, Chambroad Science and Technology Progress Award, and Chambroad Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials, leading to breakthroughs in numerous critical technologies.

In recent years, Chambroad has set up 13 science and innovation centers across Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Jinan and more. Collaborating with prominent universities like Zhejiang University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Nanjing Tech University, Chambroad has founded a range of industry-oriented modern research institutes and technology centers across China.

Embracing the principles of integrity and altruism, Chambroad reimagines partnership dynamics, aiming for win-win collaborations with industry-leading partners. This approach not only creates a harmonious commercial ecosystem but also translates into societal value, supporting China's national aspirations.

Every year, Chambroad organizes more than 60 public welfare activities, such as "Care for the Young and the Elderly", "Warming the Heart of the Elderly", and "Student Aid”, with a service time of 4,700 hours. Since March 2011, Chambroad volunteers have organized and carried out "Chambroad Action - Care for the Elderly without Family Living in Extreme Poverty"" jointly with Boxing County Charity Federation and offered paired assistance and care for 300 old people in the county, with an annual service time of 195 days. Chambroad has issued over ten million yuan of "elderly care fund" for 13 years in cooperation with the Charity and Filial Piety Commercial Foundation of LeAn Shandong!

Chambroad has a volunteer team of more than 2,000 members, the majority of whom are staff members and some are external parties. In 2022, more than 2,000 Chambroad volunteers were registered, forming 55 voluntary worker groups. Together, they contributed a total of 6,500 service hours.

Following the mobilization by Chambroad, more than 3,000 volunteers participated in the "Warming with Love" clothing donation event, donating more than 6,000 pieces of clothing to the children in Maigaiti, Xinjiang. So far, more than 100 students have been provided over 600,000 yuan of tuition, learning, and living supplies, among whom more than 20 students have been admitted to their dream universities.


In 2012, Chambroad proposed the development approach of "industry nurturing agriculture" and joined hands with the local government to achieve rural revitalization. It walked on a new path to moderate prosperity in all respects by "taking care of the elderly, educating the children, and enriching the young and the middle-aged". It has formed a small town model of "excellent agriculture, wealthy farmers and beautiful countryside".

The industry-led poverty alleviation initiative gives priority to the training of poor local people, who, after finishing the training, will become "professional farmers" in Chambroad’s modern eco-agriculture. Chambroad currently has more than 330 long-term industrial workers in Luyi Township, whose annual income has increased by more than 7 million yuan. It also combines long and short-term labor hiring, providing more than 1,000 seasonal positions to the community, increasing the annual income of farmers by more than 5 million yuan. It has formed a poverty alleviation and ecological development chain of industrial development, skills training, and income increased for farmers. With "upgraded skills, stable jobs, and improved income", in 2017, Luyi Township successfully joined the ranks of national characteristic towns.

During the devastating floods caused by extreme rainfall in Henan Province, Chambroad, in alliance with Charity and Filial Piety Commercial Foundation of LeAn Shandong, promptly extended its support, dispatching emergency supplies to aid the region through this challenging period.