China solemnly pledges to the world the goal of achieving Carbon Emission Peak by 2030 and Carbon Neutrality by 2060. In response, various government departments, enterprises, and public institutions swiftly took action, formulating plans to ensure the realization of this goal. As a pioneering figure in the transformation of refining and chemical engineering in Shandong Province, Chambroad actively pursues the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality for green transformation and low-carbon development.

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Traditional Industry Upgrading and Quality Development with New Momentum

Driven by innovation, Chambroad elevates traditional industries. As a private enterprise leading the industrial transformation and upgrading in Shandong Province, Chambroad's development strategy and structural adjustment centers on independent innovation. It vigorously promotes innovation-driven development, scientific industrial planning, and the co-development of high-performance materials and chemicals, supporting high-end special equipment and core industrial services. Based on traditionally competitive industries, Chambroad consolidates the innovation chain and, in turn, promotes the integration, innovation, and upgrading of these industries.

Through the adjustment of product and industrial structure, Chambroad has realized the transformation from oil and chemical products to material industry, from basic products to high-end products, and from a bulk commodity producer to an industrial chain organizer. Its business structure has changed from oil business mainly to oil, chemical and high-performance special new materials businesses equally.

Chambroad continues to promote the intelligence of traditional industries in production and operation. With the advent and rapid development of the digital economy, it actively introduces data analysis, cloud computing, and other intelligent ways to archive real-time and accurate production in traditional industries. By replacing industrial assembly lines with customized, personalized, and distributed production and transforming productive units into digital and networked factories, Chambroad helps the manufacturing industry improve quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Chambroad grasps the favorable opportunity of boosted development of new-generation information technology to implement the action plan of "Internet+Manufacturing", thus facilitating the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of traditional industries, such as petrochemicals, industrial services, building materials, and agricultural products, etc. Information technology gives full play in transforming and upgrading traditional industries. With the creation and research of intelligent factories and digital workshops, it empowers the transformation of traditional industries.

Chambroad makes every effort to develop, apply and promote new energy, new materials, low-carbon technology, and other cutting-edge technologies. In terms of new technology, Chambroad as a traditional manufacturer always takes stable production and operation as the foundation. At the management level, Chambroad uses RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and other digital technologies to improve work efficiency, freeing manpower from complex and repetitive work, so that more energy can be assigned to more valuable or challenging posts. In the future, Chambroad will leverage the talent and entrepreneurship platform built over the years to attract more high-level talent and tackle industrial challenges. It also provides sustained impetus for solving the problems encountered in industrial transformation and upgrading.


Environmental Protection and Green Development

Chambroad never pursues profits at the cost of individual and social benefits. It pays much emphasis on environmental protection, raises environmental protection awareness, and adheres to the principle of green ecology. Through resource conservation and multipurpose utilization, we have not only protected the environment but also gained economic and social benefits. The synergy of economic growth and environmental protection makes Chambroad a true green enterprise.

As the new round of technological revolution continues to intensify, science and technology plays an increasingly important role in economic development of Chambroad. With the support of the new momentum, Chambroad achieves industrial intelligence, intelligent industrialization, cross-border integration, and high-end branding through the development of new technologies, new industries, new business forms, and new modes. It upgrades the traditional momentum, fosters the new momentum, and promotes economic transformation to improve quality and efficiency. With continuous innovation and upgrading of technology, Chambroad is now on a path of low-carbon, recycling, and intensified development, whose development model is being recognized by more experts and the industry.


Reosition for New Advantages

To achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, Chambroad has teamed up with Wuhan University of Technology to research and develop CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) technology in order to provide industrial enterprises with comprehensive solutions for carbon emission reduction and resource recycling. By virtue of the technology, we can directly use industrial waste gas with carbon dioxide concentration ≥10%, steel slag, magnesium slag, furnace slag, calcium carbide slag and other bulk solid wastes generated in the production process of iron and steel, electric power, cement, non-ferrous metals and other industries, which will undergo mineralization reaction with discharged carbon dioxide from industrial desulfurization and denitrification, to provide negative carbon materials widely used in architectural decoration and realized mass production.



Build green and low carbon cycle economy system for three wastes reduction and maximum resources value

Chambroad Petrochemicals repositioned itself, cultivated new advantages, and adopted new strategies and initiatives for green development, which has achieved remarkable results. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the first batch of the green manufacturing system demonstration list in 2017, and Chambroad Petrochemicals was honored with the title of "Green Factory". It was also the first enterprise in Shandong Province to implement the standard of clean fuel products. Its automotive gasoline reached the national standard ⅥB six years ahead of schedule, while its automotive diesel completed the upgrade of Ⅵ standard two years ahead of schedule. Its businesses involve high-efficiency fuels, high-end chemicals, high-performance materials, and the energy-efficient clean fuel that represents Chambroad's innovation and technology in the energy industry.

For urban road conditions, where frequent idling, high fuel consumption, and carbon deposits are common, Chambroad developed Rangqing 92 automotive gasoline. It's supported by the Chambroad patented purification technology, which can make the fuel combustion more complete, significantly reduce the engine carbon deposits, improve the engine performance, and enhance the user's driving experience while effectively reducing exhaust emissions for a greener China.

Haiyun Asphalt uses hard asphalt from high-quality imported crude oil and proceeds with secondary deep processing. These durable high-modulus asphalt products have high stiffness modulus and fatigue resistance, outstanding low-temperature performance, and they can be combined with full-thickness long-life asphalt pavement structure to decrease the thickness of the pavement by 40%, saving 23,000 tons of stone/kilometer. The expected life of the pavement structure can be extended from 15 years to more than 35 years, and the carbon emission is reduced by 50% for the whole life cycle. To support the implementation of the national water conservancy and hydropower projects, Haiyun Asphalt selected low-wax, and naphthenic crude oil as raw materials. It also developed a hydraulic asphalt with low wax content, great seepage control performance, moderate structure, and low brittle point, used in the Shandong Yimeng Pump-Generator Plant. Thus, it became the first private enterprise with engineering applications in the industry.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Chambroad will achieve green, sophisticated and integrated development, systematically plan the development of low-carbon, zero-carbon, and carbon-negative industries, and implement the projects in line with the green and low-carbon transformation. It aims to build a sustainable new materials industry with core competitive advantages to help meet the "carbon neutrality" target. In each sector of Chambroad, everyone is diligently chasing the goal of green development. Chambroad has always believed, "there's no such thing as waste, just misplaced resources. And environmental protection is our unshakable duty." Chambroad must have an environment standard higher than our national (industry) standards. It is a solemn commitment of Chambroad to environmental protection and development, and furthermore the utmost requirement in the development of the enterprise.


Vigorously Improving the Comprehensive Energy Efficiency

Improve the park's industrial ecological chain by intensifying waste heat recovery efforts, cascaded energy utilization and water recycling. In collaboration with South China University of Technology to diagnose and optimize the energy system of the group companies, reduce the total energy consumption by 5%. Implement reactive power compensation and harmonic management of the distribution system to improve the power factor. Several energy-saving initiatives have been rolled out, including the tiered utilization of flue-gas residual heat from pulverized coal furnaces, residual heat recovery from RTO furnaces, and intermediate water for fire-fighting water, cumulatively resulting in energy savings worth more than 18.07 million yuan.

Throughout its 30-year history, every innovative leap Chambroad has taken represents a culmination of inner endeavors, laying the groundwork for high-quality development. While it adapts to change, Chambroad unwaveringly advances with its commitment to serving the country and the society.