Chambroad specializes in the design, manufacturing, and installation of energy and chemical equipment. Their areas of expertise also include engineering, anti-corrosion treatments, insulation, pressure piping construction, and the production, installation, and servicing of metal components. Currently, the company holds a variety of licenses: they are authorized for fixed pressure vessel design, manufacturing of A1/A2/A3/C2 pressure vessels, GC1 pressure piping installation, renovation, and maintenance, as well as manufacturing of pressure piping components and B-level forging flanges. The company also proudly holds the ASME U certificate. 

In terms of qualifications, Chambroad stands out as a Grade II General Contractor for Petrochemical Engineering, a Grade II Specialist Contractor for Waterproofing, Anti-corrosion, and Insulation Engineering, a Grade III Specialist Contractor for Steel Structure Engineering, and a Grade IV Contractor for Electrical Facility Installation, including repairs and testing. The company's facilities are state-of-the-art, boasting over 530 advanced R&D, testing, and production machines. They have an impressive steel processing capacity of up to 30,000 tons per year. Annually, Chambroad produces an average of 400 sets of petrochemical equipment, including products like 1000m³ isopentane tanks, adsorption towers, propylene distillation towers, hydrogenation protection reactors, and winding tube heat exchangers. On top of this, they also design over 100 pressure vessels each year. 

To date, Chambroad Equipment has achieved significant recognition in the patent space, having been granted 150 patents. These consist of 7 invention patents, 142 utility model patents, and one design patent. Internationally, they've secured six patent authorizations and have been notably honored with the Excellent Award at the 24th China Patent Award.