Chambroad collaborates with partners to develop and provide functional materials and solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and automotive production.

Auto Fuels

Segment the fuel market, explore the needs of users for fuel in different places and under different conditions, and carry out targeted product development. Focus on users' needs, strengthen the special performance indexes of oil products, and match oil products with internal combustion engines in special environments and under specific working conditions, so as to meet the fundamental needs of different users for oil products.

Auto Tires

Butyl rubber increases tire air pressure while reducing internal pressure, improving pressure retention. Bio-based itaconate rubber boasts superior rolling resistance, ensuring consumer safety, decreasing energy use, minimizing tire wear, and offering improved fuel efficiency and driving experience.

Auto Accessories

Effective sound insulation and noise reduction ensure a comfortable driving experience.

Auto Exterior Trim, Body and Chassis

Exterior, body and chassis materials guarantee a lasting shine and dependable performance, even with prolonged environmental exposure. Trust our materials to safeguard your vehicle.