Digitalization positioning
Intelligent manufacturing and operation system
Digital cloud computing project
Intelligent production
Intelligent operation
Data interconnectivity
Data value exploration
Optimization of resources
Smarter production
Excellent operation and management
Vigorous risk prevention and control
Evidence-based supervision
High-efficient decision
Quality transformation
Efficiency transformation
Energy transformation
Digitalized Chambroad
industry digitalization and intelligence
management digitalization and intelligence
digital and intelligent industrialization
Goal of digitalization
Build "digitalized Chambroad" and create a digital cloud computing project for intelligent manufacturing and business system
Foster the dual engines of intelligent production and operation
Promote deep integration of digitalizaiton and reality for high-quality development
Information Security Management System Certificate
AAA Certification for Integrated Management of Industrialization and Informatization
2023 Sixth "Dingge Award" Digital Transformation Pioneer List - 2023 Annual Operation Transformation Model
2023 Sixth Digital Transformation and Innovation Selection—Digital Service Model Case
2023 China Quality Association National Quality Benchmark
The 2nd China Data Elements Summit Forum-The Best Data Innovation Benchmark Case
2021 IDC China Industrial Internet Platform Application Leader
Collaborative Cloud Office
Digital Technology
"i Chambroad" Workstation
Digital Technology

Chambroad harnesses digital technology to maintain organizational agility and empower employees for efficient collaboration.

"i Chambroad" Workstation

The "i Chambroad" workstation serves as a gateway to a comprehensive online ecosystem, encompassing organizational connectivity, communication, collaboration, business operations, services, tools, and knowledge sharing.


This approach ensures a more fluid flow of information and swifter task execution.