Chambroad products assist developers, engineers, and manufacturers in achieving strict performance standards in building and construction. We consistently deliver high-quality products for the construction sector.

Equipment Solution

Chambroad's operations encompass the design, manufacturing, and installation of energy and chemical equipment. Our expertise includes engineering anti-corrosion, heat preservation, pressure piping construction, and the production, installation, and servicing of metal components.

Building Materials

With a focus on the construction industry, we strengthen our collaboration with partners, understanding the holistic demands of ecology, cost-efficiency, construction ease, and project quality. Through continuous technological innovation, we drive the industry towards sustainable development.


Adhering to the concepts of safety, comfort, ecology and harmony, we are oriented to customers' needs and have created  comfortable and livable intelligent communities. By the end of 2022, we have developed more than ten projects, including Chambroad Qingnianyuan, Chambroad Huayiting, Bohua Jiayuan, Binzhou Chambroad Ruyuan Shangbang, LvYi Nongchuang Town, Zhitai Plaza, Chambroad Feiwangfu, Taifeng Town, Chambroad Fuyueting, and Chambroad Yutingyuan. With an area of more than four million square meters, we have provided a comfortable, livable and intelligent life for more than 30,000 homeowners.

Water Conservancy Engineering