Through the adjustment of product and industrial structure, Chambroad will realize the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries. The Group is enhancing its industrial chain, moving from a "petroleum-dominated" business to an "equal emphasis on petroleum, chemical products, and high-value materials like premium, specialty, and advanced materials".

In response to market needs, we have segmented the fuel market to create fuel solutions tailored to specific operating conditions. This enhances the compatibility between fuels and internal combustion engines. As a leading provider of energy-efficient solutions and services, we offer customized fuel solutions, focusing on high-end, efficient, and low-carbon products that cater to the market's demand for premium products and superior service.

Economic Fuel

To bolster the "fuel-engine adaptability", Chambroad engineers fuel products that promise reduced consumption and emissions.

High-Efficiency Fuel

With innovative technology and extensive research, we provide domestic luxury cars with top-tier fuel. This ensures higher combustion efficiency, superior purification, and an improved driving experience.

Construction Machinery Oil

Customized fuels developed for heavy-duty internal combustion engines with relatively fixed operating conditions, such as construction machinery and off-road engines.

Race Fuel Series

With a higher anti-explosion grade and faster burning speed, the racing fuel series will enhance the octane number of fuel and improve the engine power..

Engine Benchmark Fuel

this special oil is developed to minimize test discrepancies resulting from fuel inconsistencies.

Auto Primer Fuel

Auto primer fuel is filled for the initial fill for vehicles as they roll off the assembly line, designed explicitly for new vehicles.

Hybrid Fuel

Special gasoline with low energy consumption and low emission designed for hybrid engines; applicable to all kinds of hybrid vehicles. 

Aviation Fuel

Aviation-specific fuel, tailored for civil and cargo aircraft, adhering to relevant safety and technical specifications.

Marine Fuel Oil

Marine internal combustion engines typically utilize two primary fuel oils: distillate fuel oil and residual fuel oil.

Automotive Diesel Series

This series can fuel for all kinds of compression-ignition engine automobile, meeting GB 19147-2016 standards. There are various products with different condensation point, including No.5, No.0, No.-10, No.-20, No.-35, No.-50.

Extreme-Coldness Resistant Diesel Fuel

This specialized fuel, developed for vehicles with compression ignition engines, overcomes the difficulities in extremely cold regions with insufficient supply and low temperature.

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Centered on ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering added value, we focus on providing additive solutions in four key areas: oil refining, fine chemicals, high-end materials, and environmental governance. Our aim is to become a value-driven service platform for additives.