About N1N Model
Cultivating talents of high moral standards

In 2017, Chambroad launched the "1520 Project" for university-enterprise cooperation, building an ecosystem for the deep integration of industry-academia-research around 15 core colleges, along with 20 key colleges and universities.

In the new stage of development, the government proposes to deepen the integration of industry and education, promoting the organic connection between the education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain for high-quality development.

Chambroad N1N model
  • N

    First N,

    To become the teaching, training and research transformation base of N universities and research institutes

  • 1

    Industrial platform

  • N

    Second N,

    To promote the integration, co-creation, sharing and win-win situation of N industries in the society

Social Value

Chambroad further deepens the integration of industry and education, science and education by model co-construction, talent co-cultivation and scientific research co-creation, so as to "produce satisfactory commodities for customers and cultivate great talents for the society".

The scientific research co-cultivation for master and doctoral degree talents

To nurture talents with innovation and promote innovation with talents, Chambroad carries out "directed" or "non-directed" scientific research co-cultivation model for master and doctoral degree talents in colleges and universities. With the support of the science and innovation centers throughout the country, the company is committed to training a new force and a reserve force for innovation and development, and building a new force to serve the scientific and technological development of the industry.

The industry-education co-cultivation of engineering/application technology/management talents

Based on the "Four New Constructions" proposed by the Ministry of Education, the training programs and curricula are designed to incorporate industrial practices and to connect higher education with social demands, enhancing students' cross-disciplinary thinking, complex problem solving ability, engineering practice ability, and the empowerment of dual-tutor teams.

Industry-education co-cultivation of vocational and technical talents

Focusing on the demand for skilled talents in the high-quality development of the industrial chain, Chambroad has innovated and practiced enrollment as recruitment, working as studying, supervisor as tutor, and graduation as employment, highlighting the cultivation of students' professionalism, vocational ability and expertise, and the upgrading of vocational students' professional skills. The company has also integrated the world's Top 500 Fortune enterprises and colleges and universities to jointly build characteristic cosplay scenes, VR immersive scenes, integrated theory and practice scenes and factory scenes, building a characteristic education mode for the improvement of students' practical engineering ability.

Promoting Production through Education, Assisting Teaching through Production, Integrating Industry and Education, and Integrating Science and Education
Extend education chain, service industry chain, support supply chain, build talent chain, and enhance value chain
Innovating talent cultivation path
Innovating talent cultivation path

Chambroad has promoted enterprise-education integration, promoting the reform of teaching methods and cultivation model.

Improving the quality of professional construction
Improving the quality of professional construction

Focusing on the industrial chain, Chambroad aims to realize the cross-combination of multiple specialties while promoting the joint formulation of cultivation programs by training units and industries, the joint establishment of practical courses, and the joint compilation of high-quality teaching materials.

Developing university-enterprise cooperation programs
Developing university-enterprise cooperation programs

Chambroad encourages enterprises to deeply participate in the preparation of teaching materials and curriculum construction, including designing the curriculum system and optimizing the curriculum structure, thus carrying out hands-on teaching in real production lines.

Building an industry-academia-research service platform
Building an industry-academia-research service platform

Through cooperation in technological research, product development, achievement transformation and project incubation, enterprises and universities produce a batch of scientific and technological innovation results and share them together.

Constructing a dual-tutor teaching team
Constructing a dual-tutor teaching team

Chambroad explores the mechanism of two-way flow of talents between universities and enterprises, and carry out exchanges, seminars and trainings for teachers, building a "dual-tutor, dual-capability" cultivating and training base.

Eastablishing practical training bases
Eastablishing practical training bases

Based on industrial development and innovation needs, Chambroad has built a practical teaching, training and internship environment , as well as a number of training and internship bases with the functions of production, teaching, R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship.


More than 10,000 teachers and students from over 100 universities and colleges, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Tianjin University, Southeast University, Shandong University, East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China University of Petroleum (East China), Wuhan University of Technology, have been studying and practicing in Chambroad, thus establishing a sustainable talent supply chain system and forming a training ground for talents. Through the Chambroad N1N training, students have broadened horizons and insights, effectively strengthening professional skills.

Universities in collaboration
Teachers and students
Provincial and ministerial level honors

At present, Chambroad has cooperated with more than 100 teachers, implementing the collaborative education program of the Ministry of Education and the supply-demand matchmaking employment education program. In addition to carrying out provincial and ministerial-level new engineering programs with Tianjin University, China University of Petroleum (East China), Xi'an Jiaotong University, etc., the company has also established provincial-level postgraduates' joint cultivation bases and modern industrial colleges with Dalian University of Technology, China University of Petroleum (East China), and Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology.

Both the Ministry of Education and the China Association of Higher Education have paid visits for inspection of the construction work of the Chambroad N1N model, as a consequence to its wide recognition by the government and the society. Chambroad has won more than 30 provincial and ministerial honors, including being selected as one of the first batch of national enterprises for industry-education integration, a national enterprise practice base for vocational education teachers, a nationalinternship demonstration base for college students in the petroleum and chemical industry, an excellent unit for performance evaluation of public training bases in Shandong Province for momentum transformation, and a typical case of the "Double Hundred Plan for University-Enterprise Cooperation" of the China Association of Higher Education.