"1" Strategy

Adopt the "Honeycomb" strategy and build a diversified industrial group with profits and taxes totaling hundreds of billions.

"1" Scheme

Establish the N1N University and initiate two N1N industry-education collaborative transformation bases.

"2" Plans

"3050" Recruitment Initiative: annually recruit 50 top-tier candidates with master's or 

doctoral degrees in business administration over 30 years.

"30500" Plan: allocate at least 50 billion yuan in scientific research funds to N universities over 30 years.

"1" Action

Act in accordance with reform principles for rights, responsibilities, interests, performance excellence, and high-quality operations. 

Promote Chambroad Science and Technology Award through innovation centers for the transformation between traditional and new energy.

Strategic Thinking

Chambroad is dedicated to becoming a sustainable business, emphasizing employee welfare and societal responsibilities. The company's strategy includes comprehensive risk management, a focus on innovation and capital operations, with the fuel energy and chemical industry as its primary sector. Additionally, cultural management, the modern service industry, urbanization, agricultural modernization, and resource recycling are integral components of Chambroad's growth.

Strategic Positioning

Chambroad commits to innovation, integration, environmental awareness, openness, and collaboration, upholding natural principles, practices benevolence. It also seeks continuous improvement, and aims to benefit others. As a modern enterprise, Chambroad harmonizes traditional Chinese wisdom with Western management techniques with culture as the soul, human resource development the core, employee vocational training and technological innovation the catalysts, aas well as modern finance and intelligent industrial manufacturing as foundational platforms.

Strategic Targets

Chambroad aims for sales revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 13 billion yuan by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan. By 2050, the company endeavors to acieve sales revenue of 500 billion yuan, transforming into a diverse modern enterprise conglomerate for national application and academic enrichment, generating profits and taxes around hundred billion yuan.