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Dong Bo

Standing at the frontier, pushing the gears of the times, and creating more possibilities for human civilization: this is the portrait of scientific researchers. However, "Stay composed, love what you do, and be true to yourself" is his motto as a young researcher in Chambroad. He relentlessly forges ahead on the road of research and development.

Dong Bo graduated from Jilin University in 2017, completed his 2-year postdoctoral work at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and in March 2020, officially joined Chambroad Research Institute. With Chambroad Holding Group's strategies of material transformation and talent cultivation, he was transferred to Shandong Chambroad Polyolefin New Material Company in July 2021 and has been engaged in polyolefin product research and development since then. He has been awarded the Chambroad Chairman Special Award, the second prize for the Chambroad Scientific Research and Innovation Award, the "Chambroad Craftsman Award" 2021, and so on.

Constant Effort Brings Success

In Dong Bo's career, the "symbiosis effect" found in nature is clearly mirrored. Just as a solitary plant remains small and isolated, while trees growing together in a forest reach for the sun and soar high with deep roots and lush foliage, Dong Bo's journey in polyolefin research and development from PhD to postdoctoral research similarly flourished through the power of collaboration. Working in a team-oriented environment allowed him to overcome numerous challenges and evolve through setbacks, embodying the strength found in unity and collective growth.

At Chambroad, Dong Bo has found an environment that complements his skills and ambitions, aligning with the company's talent management philosophy that emphasizes "selecting, nurturing, utilizing, managing, and retaining talent". Under his leadership, the specialized PM team at Chambroad has made significant strides in technological innovation and breakthroughs, especially in developing ultra-low-ash polypropylene preparation technology. This achievement represents a major innovation breakthrough, with dedicated polypropylene products successfully undergoing online evaluation and entering mass production in 2021. The team has achieved the domestic substitution of basic materials and mastered key polyolefin material purification and de-ashing technologies, receiving certification from authoritative bodies and high recognition from the State Grid Research Institute, which promotes the localization of large-scale national electric power facilities. Dong Bo's achievements also include a Shandong Provincial Natural Science Fund project, a published SCI paper, and seven intellectual property applications.

Integrating Expertise: A Continuous Innovator in Scientific Research and Technology

As a craftsman, his profound knowledge and meticulous attitude are the key to success. Each link for the special ultra-low ash polypropylene products must be meticulous, from the preparation technology to the production and product evaluation. The detection of ash is an extreme test of constant patience and attention. A sample usually requires 4-5 days of high-temperature ashing, calcination, and weighing before the test, which demands meticulous implementation, safeguarding and approach. At the critical juncture of the research and development of detection technology, Dong Bo often worked until late at night. In order to ensure the accuracy of the evaluation, he and his team worked around the clock in rotation, meeting all development requirements, and finally came up with a set of accurate and efficient evaluation methods.

Dong Bo is swift, rigorous, and methodic in the research and development work. He sees the big picture and is attentive to details. He values teamwork, discovers the expertise of each team member, and makes systematic growth plans for them, which has earned him a great reputation. From scientific research training to mutual teaching and learning, he promotes the progress of the group in polyolefin research and development. He also helps to strengthen the professional competence in specialized areas of each member and to make them his "strongest teammates".

"Every research and development is from scratch. It's a test of perseverance and determination." Dong Bo said that continuous innovation is his own standard.

Open Mind and Constant Innovation

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, Dong Bo has maintained a spirit of craftsmanship, not just in diligence and responsibility but in continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation. During his three years at Chambroad, he has deeply appreciated the company's strong culture, team collaboration, and support for research and development. He remains guided by the motto "those who strive lead, innovators stay strong", committing to each project with the original intent of research and cautious scientific thinking. His unwavering dedication is crucial in advancing Chambroad's development and transformation in the field of high-performance materials.

The world belongs to the innovators. Chambroad provides a stage for aspiring young and middle-aged innovators. Young researchers need to drive the development with the craftsmen's spirit and innovation. When the thunderous applause fades away, it is this belief that drives the rapid development of Chambroad and China's manufacturing industry.