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Wan Jing, one of the silver medalists of 2023 Chambroad Outstanding Doctoral Award

Release time:2024-06-14 Hit:

Wan Jing, Ph.D. from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by Researcher Wen Rui.

Research Interests: In-situ visualization of electrode/electrolyte interfaces in lithium batteries.

Achievements: Wan Jing performed on-site analysis and measurement of electrode-interface processes in complex electrochemical systems by using advanced in-situ visualization technology. She modified and controlled electrode and electrolyte structures, respectively, targeting different electrode/electrolyte interface problems in lithium-ion and solid-state lithium metal batteries. She elucidated the surface effect of electrolyte additives, the doping control mechanism of the electrode structure, the optimization and modification strategies for electrolytes, and the reaction mechanism of alloy electrode interfaces, respectively, in the development process from transition metal disulfide compound-based lithium-ion batteries to new grapheme-based lithium-ion batteries, and to lithium metal anode-based quasi-solid gel electrolyte and all-solid sulfide electrolyte systems. This comprehensive understanding of interface evolution and failure mechanisms across various battery systems has been pivotal in exploring interface improvement strategies and control mechanisms, ultimately guiding material design optimization and enhancing battery performance.