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Lai Xiaoli, one of the bronze medalists of 2023 Chambroad Outstanding Doctoral Award

Release time:2024-06-14 Hit:

Lai Xiaoli, Ph.D. from Xiamen University, supervised by Professor Xu Haichao.

Research Interests: Molecular photoelectrocatalytic synthesis and its application in asymmetric reactions.

Achievements: Lai Xiaoli introduced ligand-metal charge transfer to photoelectrocatalysis, pioneering a new method for molecular photoelectrocatalytic decarboxylation. She completed the first integration of molecular photoelectrocatalysis with asymmetric catalysis, opening a novel field of photoelectric asymmetric catalytic synthesis and achieving site and enantioselective benzyl C(sp3)-H cyanation. Additionally, she extended photoelectric asymmetric catalysis to the asymmetric transformation of carboxylic acids and olefins using a tandem approach, providing innovative approaches for green and sustainable synthetic chemistry.