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Huang Mouxin, one of the bronze medalists of 2023 Chambroad Outstanding Doctoral Award

Release time:2024-06-14 Hit:

Huang Mouxin, Ph.D. from Tsinghua University, supervised by Professor Luo Sanzhong.

Research Interests: The deracemization of organocatalysis and its mechanism.

Achievements: Huang Mouxin achieved highly selective deracemization of aldehydes through the novel integration of a biomimetic primary amine catalytic system with visible light catalysis applied to the synthesis of chiral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After extensive experimental and theoretical studies, he unveiled the innovative reaction mechanism involving enamine-photopromoted energy transfer synergistic catalysis. This research has opened new avenues for racemate separation, expanded the boundaries of traditional amine catalysis, and laid the theoretical groundwork for more complex chiral syntheses. Demonstrated excellent substrate applicability, and the reaction process has been successfully scaled up to gram-scale production, benefiting the synthesis of various non-steroidal chiral anti-inflammatory drugs.